iSyncKit - Workspace Generator

MacroAgility's Workspace Generator automates the process of generating workspaces for the iManage Document Management System. Capable of moulding itself to a firm's time and billing system. It generates workspaces independently, without any user input, automatically monitoring for the new client, matter and metadata information to create and update the profile information in iManage.

Unique differentiators/features

1. iManage cloud and on-premises certified
2. Web interface to set up jobs, manage and review created matters.
3. Out-of-the-box connector available for Clio, Soluno, LegalTracker, PCLaw, EasiLaw, Acumen, CSV file and more
4. Uses multithreading to create a large number of workspaces. Especially useful when creating tens of thousands of workspaces during uplift and onboarding new client to iManage cloud
5. The software allows for rollback by deleting the workspaces, a great feature for testing phase.
6. It can automatically update the workspace's name and profile information if the information in the time and billing system has changed.
7. iManage Universal API certified

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iManage Solution:

Universal API, COM API and COM API & Database

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Partner information

MacroAgility Systems, Inc.

MacroAgility Systems, Inc.

MacroAgility is a leading iManage Partner, serving law firms and financial firms around the globe with the inventive developer of acutely relevant custom solutions for document management system optimization. MacroAgility strives to provide research-based, most innovative, cost-effective and customized DMS solutions based on the iManage platform.

Farah Purewal