Co-Flo Contract Lifecycle Management

A Contract is the heart of our business interactions.

Co-Flo’s unique method of linking contracts to business processes is why teams love Co-Flo.

Co-Flo ensures that the both the Contract and Matter lifecycles are linked when they need to be and obligations and risks are visible throughout the lifecycle.

Co-Flo even pushes the obligations into third-party lines of business systems, reducing duplicate data capture and errors.

A Native iManage Enterprise Legal Management Solution.

Unique differentiators/features

  • Contract Request Management
  • Web Accessibility
  • Comprehensive Contract Creation Forms
  • Smart Document Assembly
  • Business Process Management
  • Dynamic Smart Forms
  • Agile Updates and Changes
  • Deep Dashboarding
  • Obligation Management

Licensing model:

Per User (Annual Subscription Fee)

Target Market:



Large Law Firms, Large Advisory Firms, Larger Corporate Professional Services Teams which include Legal, Compliance, Contracts, Employee Relations, Risk etc

iManage Solution:

Natively designed for iManage

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Co Flo Enterprise

Co Flo Enterprise

Co-Flo Enterprise is one, comprehensive platform to optimize and automate your professional processes. Designed for workflows across Professional Services Firms and In-house Corporate teams - Co-Flo maximizes service delivery, improves productivity and reduces costs. Co-Flo has been purpose built for iManage Work.