UC Import Export Work

Import Work license provides the ability to import files and folders into workspaces

Export Work license provides the ability to export workspace, folders and documents

Compatible with on premises and cloud iManage 10 Systems

Unique differentiators/features

Exports folders and subfolders directly from workspaces, tabs and folders
Export documents and/or email messages
Export files even if path length exceeds Windows limit of 254 characters
Export metadata along with the files
Import folders, subfolder or selected documents

Licensing model:

Annual subscription license for each product (Import/Export) - 10 users, 100 users or unlimited users

Target Market:

All iManage users

iManage Solution:

Work Server 10 on premises or cloud (UAPP version

Product URL:


Partner information

Sysero Limited

Sysero Limited

Founded in 2007, Sysero is modernising the way law firms capture, use and share knowledge as part of the client-firm relationship. Our technology and approach is designed to make firms more productive, efficient and client-focused. We combine cutting-edge technology with a consultative approach to deliver end-to-end knowledge workflow solutions to leading law firms around the world.

Paul Upton