Custodian Digital Services Platform (iPaaS)

Custodian is a Digital Services and Integration Platform (iPaaS), purpose-built to address the specific integration and data orchestration needs of Law Firms, Legal Services Providers and Professional Services Organisations.

Custodian helps you to seamlessly connect business critical applications, data and processes throughout your organisation – and beyond.

Powered with a palette of standard connectors, embedded apps and microservices - Custodian allows you to automate processes, boost efficiency and gain competitive advantages.


Unique differentiators/features

  • iPaaS automation: The digital services platform allows you to seamlessly integrate data streams generated by applications deployed on-premises or in the cloud – orchestrating and automating the end-to-end data production, transformation and consumption cycle.
  • Standard connectors: With a broad palette of standard connectors available out-of-the-box, integrating iManage with other applications become easy and trouble-free.
  • Productivity apps: Through embedded applications and microservices, Custodian allows you to optimise your digital ecosystem and boost efficiency.
  • Integration as a Service: Custodian allows you to reduce the cost, burden and time-to-value of integrations, while also bringing organizations much richer and more consistent data sharing across the enterprise


Licensing model:

Subscription, by datastream

Target Market:

Law Firms, Corporate Legal Departments, Legal Services Providers

iManage Solution:

All versions of iManage

Product URL:


Partner information

PSA Consulting

PSA Consulting

PSA Consulting delivers advisory, integration and master data management services and selected software solutions for leading Professional Services organizations. We help our clients with digitalisation where it actually matters - and where it impacts your bottom line. Our expert level consultants have broad experience from the best firms in the Nordics, and our services are delivered through agile delivery methods - where customer service, quality and response time is key

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