Template Manager [A Tiger Eye Tool for iManage]

Tiger Eye Template Manager for iManage

Tiger Eye's Template Manager is a powerful Microsoft Word add-in empowering firms to effectively create, manage and use templates with iManage Work and the iManage Cloud.

Accessible from within the Microsoft Word ribbon, Tiger Eye Template Manager enables administrators to create Word templates with a number of custom value fields available. Using Template Manager, administrators can ensure that template users correctly enter document details such as personal data, dates, times, and other information. Administrators can also easily set access rights for templates, ensuring that staff can only access templates which are relevant to them. For example, HR templates can be locked down to the HR department, with other users unable to access these items.

End-users of Template Manager can easily navigate to their Microsoft Word application and launch Template Manager through the Word ribbon. From there, users can select templates they have access to by browsing the drop-down menu and selecting relevant templates for use. With this, leaders can ensure that documents are compliant, consistent, and in-line with company house styles, with all staff utilising the same approved templates.

Tiger Eye Template Manager is part of the Tiger Eye Tools for iManage range.


Unique differentiators/features

  • Easy template use from the Microsoft Word ribbon.
  • Intuitive template creation functionality with a range of custom fields for documents including contracts and more.
  • Effective template management with permissions set by document type, or iManage permissions.

Licensing model:

Subscription-based pricing

Target Market:

Professional Services, Corporate, Legal, In-house Legal, Finance, Property, Media

iManage Solution:

iManage Work, iManage Work 10, iManage Cloud, FileSite, DeskSite

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Tiger Eye [Tiger Eye Consulting Ltd]

Tiger Eye [Tiger Eye Consulting Ltd]

Tiger Eye are the leading iManage partner for knowledge and technical expertise, trusted by professional services firms across the globe for iManage implementations, as well as system optimisation, customisation and extension. Tiger Eye's unique suite of software solutions for iManage includes Tiger Eye Blueprint: the Knowledge Management solution for iManage Work. In addition to out-of-the-box software solutions, Tiger Eye offer a comprehensive range of services for iManage user firms, including technical support, consultancy, custom development services and more.

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