iinked Sign™

The patented HTML5 Syngrafii signing technology that powers iinked Sign™ enables you to send a secure link that instantly transforms virtually any web-enabled device – mobile phone, tablet or desktop – into a signature pad.

Unique differentiators/features

  • Web-based platform – no downloads
  • Easily insert additional identification documents, such as passports
  • Freely annotate or highlight any part of the document
  • Initial changes made during a live signing session
  • Effortlessly accommodate multiple signers and locations
  • Control the document flow and types of signatures allowed in a document
  • Track signing progress
  • Keep your current approved workflows or create Compliance Templates -- no document preprocessing required
  • Integrate into existing document management systems with our extensive API
  • Create documents directly in Microsoft Word with our MS Word extension
  • Access MasterFile audit trail any time

Target Market:

Law firms, Banks, Real estate, Automotive, Health care, Accounting, Financial, etc.

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Press release

Press release

E-Signature Provider Syngrafii Joins CLA as Approved Vendor of Compliant e-Signature Tools

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Syngrafii provides the next generation eSignatures with it's iinked Sign platform, and is also a pioneer in Video Signing via its proprietary Video Signing Room or VSR™. This permits the user to sign a document while engaged via video in a face to face conversation to review the document prior to execution of the e-Signature in real-time.

John Gruetzner