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Wolters Kluwer has built a powerful integration platform connecting the different tools that add value to your business. By building connections between popular document & knowledge management, practice management, Microsoft 365 and bespoke solutions and Wolters Kluwer research content and law practice tools we are able to make legal professionals business more efficient and of higher quality.

A perfect example of a developed integration is the integration between InView Legal Wolters Kluwer expert solution research platform and iManage Work Document Management System.
Legal professionals can save research content directly into iManage Work folders from the export button in InView Legal, making it available at the right time, in the right place. Once the desired document has been found on the research platform, by clicking on the export button a list of client folders from iManage Work will be displayed allowing the lawyer to select the right place where the document should be exported. The document can be renamed if needed and will be saved as a PDF file.

No more wasting time on entering two separate systems to get a full view on a client’s case. Lawyers can quickly find all relevant documents related to a customer and case - the specific context that the legal professional is searching for.

About InView Legal: Within InView a number of smart things have been done with the legal information. Everything is classified according to the law. This allows you to get to the essence faster. InView uses a combination of legal experts and artificial intelligence. This allows you to see at a glance how the judge reached a decision. Of course you can also find the reasoning itself within InView. You can easily connect InView with your existing software.This gives you new insights and saves you time.

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Unique differentiators/features

  • One clear environment with different information levels to get to the essence faster;
  • Extensive and relevant information for your case, which you can easily place in a legal framework;
  • More value from technology through integrations with various software solutions.

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