Xakia is an in-house legal software which brings together all your information in one place. Xakia provides a holistic view into your matters, tasks, deadlines and budgets, and creates informative data-driven dashboards for full visibility across individual and team workloads. With Xakia reports, it's easy to communicate the value of the Legal Team to other business units and company leadership.

Unique differentiators/features

  • Matter capture, collaboration and management
  • Control and visibility over workloads, tasks, and deadlines
  • External fee and resource management
  • Automated, interactive dashboards and reports
  • Dispute log
  • Contract log
  • Matter intake and triage
  • Internal client portal to allow business stakeholders to track requests

Licensing model:

Per user per month, legal team users only (ie. Legal Department’s internal clients access is at no cost). No implementation costs.

Target Market:



In-house Legal Departments

iManage Solution:

Fully integrated and automated matter to document workspace creation, with syncing of key data points, security, templates and more.

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Xakia Technologies

Xakia Technologies

Xakia is an in-house legal software, which centralizes information for a simple, single source of truth, to help you stay on top of workloads, deadlines, and priorities. Real-time analytics enable effective management of team capacity, budget and clear communication with your clients. Quick, seamless integrations with Outlook, Gmail & critical software ensure Xakia fits seamlessly within your existing workflow. Xakia is secure, intuitive and quick to adopt (<1 hr) with powerful productivity. Fully integrated with iManage, Xakia features an automated matter-to-document workspace creation, with syncing of key data points, security, templates and more.