Discover, analyse, secure and manage user interaction with cloud applications. Achieve complete visibility and control with a full-featured CASB solution and protect your modern mobile workforce. Integrated with Web Security for visibility and protection at every stage of an attack.

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CASBs provide essential visibility across all sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud app use across a business. They enable IT teams to go beyond an “allow” or “block” position with cloud services, meaning IT teams can manage access to specific features within specific apps – allow upload and download of files to and from the sanctioned cloud storage app but limit all other storage apps to download only for inbound sharing, for example.


As more and more businesses move to the cloud, the need to ensure the privacy and safety of corporate and personal data is more important than ever. Organisations must comply with the many regulations designed to protect sensitive information, such as PCI DSS, GDPR and HIPAA. CASBs can help to identify data in the cloud and provide a comprehensive audit trail of user activity for demonstrating compliance to internal and external auditors.


Misconfigured shares in cloud apps have overtaken hacking and large-scale data breaches as the number one cause of data loss. CASB solutions have the ability to scan files on ‘upload’ and ‘change’ for specific content using predefined DLP templates, as well as scanning files for malware.


Malware and cloud-only malware is increasing in volume and sophistication – targeting specific cloud apps. Alongside a marked increase in malicious or accidental insider actions. CASBs offer advanced protection to identify and stop cloud-based threats, protecting against malware using a powerful combination of technologies and multiple security layers. Unusual, suspicious or malicious user activity – associated with potential data exfiltration – can be identified and managed.

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Censornet provides a multi-channel, multi-layered approach to securing the cloud via its purpose-built platform. CensorNet delivers integrated web security, email security, CASB and multi-factor authentication to provide security focused visibility and control of an organization’s assets. Our elastic security platform combines traditional security controls (e.g. web/URL filtering, email security) with granular cloud application control and adaptive multi-factor authentication to allow access while controlling outcomes. The complete solution helps enforce Internet usage policies, tracks cloud application usage, and controls access to sensitive data in cloud applications such as customer records in, to protect against the biggest risks for the greatest impact

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