Docuble Essentials

Simple, essential document productivity tools that help you  implement house style templates with core iManage Work 10 integration and eliminate your custom code.

Unique differentiators/features

Docuble essentials includes a set of core tools taken from our Styles and Templates products.
Firms adopt essentials as a standalone entry level product or to add basic Word template and DMS integration to Docuble Styles.

IManage integration
Ensure new documents are profiled and saved in your document management system.
Insert and update document reference numbers, author details and other information from IManage Work.

House Style templates
Access your templates from simple drop down groups in the Word ribbon.
Automatically add consistent and reliable Word styles to each document on creation.

Word Ribbon tools
Style apply buttons for easy consistent use of house style.
Additional tools to help lawyers and support staff efficiently draft and edit house style documents.

Licensing model:

Per User, Tiered

Target Market:



Top 200 UK and International Law Firms

iManage Solution:

iManage Work 9 and 10. (FileSite and Work 10 Desktop client)

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Press release

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We are the UK's leading provider of products that enhance MS Word so that it works like it was designed for legal professionals. Our products are easy to adopt and specially designed for legal users. Through automation and a suite of everyday tools missing from Microsoft Office, we help users to deliver first class documents at every point of the document life cycle. We understand how legal business' work and what legal users need. We have used our market insight and technical expertise to build the intelligence into our products to save fee earners and support staff alike both time and money.

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