Template Studio Docs

Template Studio Docs

The quality of the documents your firm sends to clients and prospects is a key element of the service provided. Lack of quality, consistency, reliability, brand, and compliance, can all impact the perception of the firm. The production of documents can be time consuming if you don't have the right document templates, with styling and branding to support your business.

Template Studio Docs software 

Productivity: Reduce the time taken to produce and edit business documents and ensure reliability of numbering, formatting and reduce complexity.
Ease of Use: Template Studio Docs uses a simplified ribbon and interface within Word, making it extremely easy for users to pickup and use with very little training.
Reduce Risk: Every template has a defined list of styles to support your business branding, ensuring consistency and quality in all your documents.
Quick Start: Get up and running quickly, with all your branding and styles applied.
Quick Install: Simple to install and use, whether you are firm of 50 or 3000 users.
Value: Transparent and affordable pricing structure, whatever the size of your organisation



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Products for Legal, Accountancy and Professional Services but no limitations

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9.x and 10.x

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NovaPlex Business Solutions Limited

NovaPlex Business Solutions Limited

A UK based Software and Services Company established in 2008. Novaplex provides a range of software solutions for the creation and automation of documents and presentations. Novaplex Template Studio Suite Offers Template Management, Document & Presentation Creation, Styling, Automation, Signing, Printing and Metadata Cleaning.

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