Lawsearch Enterprise

Lawsearch Enterprise is the legal single point of search. It collects all data from different internal systems of a Law Firm and makes them available for search in a single search window. Additional external information sources, such as legislation or case law, can also be included in the search results. Lawsearch Enterprise makes complex legal knowledge accessible to all employees of a Law Firm. It saves time and improves work efficiency.

Unique differentiators/features

Multilingual text search
Graphical facetted search
Recognition of legal citations and references
Automated multilingual keyword recognition
Direct links to legislation and case law
Enhanced view of found documents
Connectors to different information and data storage systems

Licensing model:

Commercial License

Target Market:

Law firms; Insurance Companies; Tribunals; Public Offices


Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Tribunals, Public Offices

iManage Solution:

iManage Work 10 REST API

Product URL:

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Weblaw offers IT-services and web applications to jurists from Switzerland. As an example we may mention ‘Lawsearch Enterprise’, a company based internal search-engine. We also provide publishing services, such as books and the legal trade journal ‘Jusletter’. Beside that we are counsels to anyone seeking information in the field of IT and law (LegalTech). Furthermore we do schooling for jurists and legal professionals. In a nutshell, we aim to simplify juridical work.

Franz Kummer