convert+share is the powerful yet easy-to-use solution that lets you integrate your paper-based workflows, inbound emails and faxes to your document management systems, databases, corporate file servers and content management applications.

Paper processing and digitizing can be very difficult and time consuming. convert+share helps you improve efficiency by reducing the time needed to scan, process and file these documents.
The user friendly and intuitive scanning client enables the users to enter key information (variables) at the time of scanning, directly at the panel of your office multifunctional device. convert+share analyses, processes and delivers the digital documents to the destination of your choice.Capture and convert your paper documents by using your office multifunctional device (with apps for most popular brands) via the convert+share embedded client.


By answering questions and making decisions at the multifunctional panel, document metadata can be used toroute and store the data in the correct place. The PC capture client can drive dedicated scanning devices or import existing electronic documents. convert+share can also monitor, analyse and process inbound email and attachments, from multiple email addresses, as well as integrate with other applications web services to receive data.


Process your documents: convert+share offers an intelligent barcode detection and separation function in addition to smart page splitting, which enables you to capture multiple pages but store each page separately. Zonal character recognition enables the extraction of specific information from the document by analysing specific zones. This information may be used to route, rename or store the document in a specific location. Workflow triggers are activated when processing conditions are met (for example, a specific client name, invoice value, document type or content, number of pages etc.) and dynamic decisions are made on the processing routes. Custom notifications can be raised with specific users and groups, alerting them to documents which require attention. And advanced scripting means a solution can be created for any situation.


Store your document to a variety of locations including our own file repository, plus a large selection of 3rd party applications. convert+share’s connector library supports many popular global document management systems, ERP platforms, CRM applications and a host of cloud-based file storage platforms, with an SDK to extend those connections. With full integration to Active Directory and OAuth, accessing shared resources couldn’t be easier.

Via their single sign-on, users have access to only the resources that their network credentials or AD group permits, making life easy for system administrators, too.

Unique differentiators/features

Capture sources:

• Multifunction devices
• iOS/Android smart phones
• Network/local scanning devices
• Email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Exchange and Office365)
• Local, remote or network folders
• FTP sites
• PC desktop client
• Printer client
• Web services

Processing Modules:

• Full text recognition
• Zonal and Smart text recognition
• Intelligent Character Recognition (handwriting)
• Automatic FreeForm recognition
• Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
• Interactive document verification and approval web module
• Intelligent document recognition
• Image enhancement
• Barcode recognition (1D/2D)
• Encryption/Decryption
• Document annotations (including stamping and security redaction)

Storage Connectors:

• Network Folders
• Cloud storage providers, including Microsoft®, Google®, Box®, Dropbox®, Citrix®
• Dozens of content and document management system connectors
• Email
• Printing devices
• ODBC-compliant databases
• Structured output (CSV, XML etc.)
• Embedded document
• Storage module with web/mobile UI

Enterprise features:

• Centralized, HTML5-compliant administrator user interface
• Digital signature module (digital signatures may be applied to PDF documents during processing)
• Military-grade encrypted storage
• Clustering and load balancing
• Authentication services (MFD Single Sign On, Windows, Active Directory, LDAP, Azure, G Suite, OAuth)


SIMPLE TO USE wizard-based document workflow creator - create new data capture and integration workflows with ease.
POWERFUL DOCUMENT ENGINE output to many formats and languages, including searchable PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, JPEG, TIFF and other image formats as standard.
SMART EXTRACTION automatic barcode and QR code recognition and document zone analysis drives business processes directly from the data stored in your paper documents, electronic files and emails.
CAPTURE APP compatible with a wide range of office multifunctional devices and digital capture devices, enables the creation of one-touch capture workflows, directly from the operating panel or desktop.
DATA INTEGRATION link to existing client data from CRM systems, financial information from ERPs and corporate databases; dynamically browse through file systems from the multifunctional panel; create your own capture source web service or output connector with convert+share’s SDK framework.
ADVANCED FEATURES free form, automatic document recognition and classification, with user verification, ensures accuracy and data integrity. Fully integrated repository keeps information secure, indexedand fully discoverable.
STORE your scanned and electronic files in the integrated document management system, with document classification and variables, and an enterprise content indexer enable rapid retrieval.

iManage Solution:

v8 and above

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