Prosperoware CAM

CAM, is a Software-as-a-Service platform (SaaS), to serve as the “missing layer” of provisioning and governance to ensure your teams collaborate more efficiently and securely.

CAM integrates with Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, OneNote, Planner, Lists), iManage, HighQ, files shares, and more to come. CAM empowers adoption and governance of multiple collaboration systems and is Universal API compliant, meaning it can fully integrate with iManage Work 10 and iManage Cloud. It allows organizations to provision, classify, protect, manage, and govern data, mitigating data chaos and reducing risks related to privacy and cybersecurity.

With CAM organizations can quickly provision Teams, Channels, workspaces, folders, & documents. It provides rich custom metadata for content, so that users can quickly search and filter to find relevant content. This also allows risk management steams to understand document context and easily manage users and groups across systems, including roles, permissions, & restrictions.

To take collaboration & efficiency to the next level, CAM also enables you to easily move, sync, and export content within & between collaboration systems. The last step is making sure that your data is protected, and your organization remains compliant with privacy and regulatory policies. CAM enables this by allowing you to grant and remove access at a project/matter level across systems- making sure that the right users are given the appropriate access to the appropriate data. Couple this with the ability to apply information barriers to protect confidential information, and your governance strategy is top notch. We can also enable you to apply litigation hold and disposition rules to make sure that your organization remains compliant.

Unique differentiators/features

Founded by industry experts from iManage, we offer a comprehensive range of iManage add-ons that help firms drive lawyer adoption, streamline administration, and implement need-to-know security. We’ve created a suite of products that help drive the full matter management lifecycle, from workspace automation and management through import/export, self-service, integration, and information governance all the way through retention. We understand lawyers, law firms, document management, and, most certainly, iManage. Our products are used by more than 270 firms across the globe ranging in size from 10 to 15,000 users. We have set the gold standard.

Licensing model:

Subscription, Per User (iManage Cloud -- Always on the latest server version)

Target Market:

iManage Users, Law Firms, Corporate Legal, Professional Services, and Other Organizations.


More Than 300,000 Users Across 270 Organizations

iManage Solution:

Work 10; Universal API

Product URL:

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