CiteRight is a revolutionary suite of products that uses machine learning to take the complexity out of legal research. Its cloud-based technology, and its integrations into web browsers and Microsoft Word, use machine learning and document automation to do 3 simple things:

• Automate citations in legal research documents
• Link other documents together based on those citations
• Reccomend which documents and cases lawyers use next

With CiteRight, lawyers can do a 10-hour job with a single button click–and save even more time, effort, and energy by reusing the work their colleagues have already done. Law firms eliminate an average of $360,000 in yearly labour costs–and increase the volume of work they take on and deliver to their clients.

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CiteRight Inc

CiteRight Inc

Putting litigation materials together by hand is time-consuming and painful. CiteRight makes it quick, easy, and painless. CiteRight is an intelligent legal assistant that does in minutes what articling students and junior lawyers used to do in hours: format citations, assemble books of authority, and note-up precedents. It saves lawyers’ time and clients’ money, and makes drafting litigation documents smarter, faster, cheaper, and less awful