Smarter Contracts for your Legal Practice

SmartBuilder enables you to draft easy, efficient and intuitive standarised documents like contracts, offers and deeds without the need for training or instructions with use of all MS Office functionality and automatic 100% use of the corporate identity.

Unique differentiators/features

Your organization saves time, and therefore money, by providing users inside and outside your organization with ready-to-use, high-quality documents/templates in the familiar MS Word environment. Documents without errors in content or format. No limits in use of Word functionality.

  • The user simply fills required and optional fields through an intuitive user interface. Both in the wizard form fields and/or the live document.
  • The progression is immediately visible in the document and on a progress bar on the left side of the document. The user can focus on the content and does not need to spend time on formatting or structuring the document. Within minutes a complex document is realized.

After the initial document composition in the corporate identity style the document is secured because only the administrator will have the Admin tools.

Target Market:

Legal, Accountancy, Sales

iManage Solution:

9 and 10

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DotOffice is the leading vendor of corporate identity document assembly software in the Legal market today. With products like doLegal™, doPresentations, doOfficeSign and Smartbuilder™ we offer products and services to increase the value of MS Office products to over 37 leading law firms in the BeNeLux. Integrating seamlessly with all available PMS, CRM and DMS solutions in the legal market today.

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