Corporate identity document assembly for your legal organisation

Drafting documents is one of the most important activities in a law firm today.

Be it a letter, a legal opinion, a memo or a plea document or a matter, it is your legal expertise and knowledge captured in a document.
It is important that your document has impeccable content and this is what you take responsibility for!
Your corporate identity is your presentation to the world, an impeccable styled document.
Re-usage of an earlier used document is common business. Frustrations about the layout that becomes more and more inconsistent, styles that spontaneously “redesign” your document and content that was overlooked from the former document is overlooked and are common practice.

doLegal offers you the solution to cope with this, that is besides the over 15 years in action corporate version, also available in a pay per user per month subscription.  Taking away the worry and frustration in working with MS Word!

doLegal is available in 4 variations:

  • doLegal Basic: letter, fax, empty document, 1 template by choice, multi-languague support, the famous doLegalStyles styleribbon (chapter, paragraph, subparagraph, bullets and numbering)
  • doLegal Connected: doLegal Basic with connection to your PMS or CRM and smart connection to your DMS for easy saving of matter documents
  • doLegal Model: doLegal Basic with smart building block knowledge system for all your contracts, agreements and other base matter documents
  • doLegal Extra: doLegal basic + doLegal connected + doLegal Model

And best of all, no worries anymore about new versions of Windows or Word.

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DotOffice is the leading vendor of corporate identity document assembly software in the Legal market today. With products like doLegal™, doPresentations, doOfficeSign and Smartbuilder™ we offer products and services to increase the value of MS Office products to over 37 leading law firms in the BeNeLux. Integrating seamlessly with all available PMS, CRM and DMS solutions in the legal market today.

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