Outlook Send Assistant

Outlook Send Assistant provides the extra layer of security needed before the Send or Reply All button is clicked and confidential or embarrassing information is released. It handles distribution lists, blind carbon copy notification handling, internal and external mail handling, and more. It is your "second chance" layer of defense against accidental disclosure. The administrator module called Feature Manager is available for enterprise clients that maintain annual maintenance. This tool allows you to configure many additional options to deploy to your organization.

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PayneGroup is a leading provider of secure communication software including the Outlook Send Assistant, which prevents Reply to All, Bcc and other potential accidental disclosures, Redact Assistant, which is a redaction tool for Word and Excel files, and Metadata Assistant, the first metadata removal software on the market. The Workflow product division includes Forms and Numbering Assistants, which aid in the creation and formatting of documents. PayneGroup provides extensive professional services, ranging from software migration consulting, training and help desk services to project management and courseware development. PayneGroup has also authored 13 books on Microsoft Office, including our latest book, Word 2013 for Law Firms.