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LegalBar enhances Microsoft Word with legal-specific features. LegalBar is made up of three modules: Templates, File Stamp, and Styles & Numbering. The Templates module provides advanced template automation. This encompasses a Firm Templates Organizer, correspondence automation with author-specific formatting preferences, matter-based document assembly, and automatic selection of iManage workspace for the same matter on document save. LegalBar’s File Stamp module inserts iManage document profile information into a document automatically when the document is saved, or manually from the Word ribbon. Content and format of the “stamp” and placement in the document are customizable and flexible. The Styles & Numbering module enhances Word’s native styles with a menu of standard legal styles, style sets and outlines available in any document. It provides rock solid multi-level numbering in Word, advanced table of contents tools, and automated document cleaning techniques. LegalBar is part of the modular BEC CoreRelate Framework which also includes case management (MatterLink) and docketing/legal calendaring (Docket Enterprise.) The modules rely on a shared SQL database.

Unique differentiators/features

Firm templates organizer, customizable templates, author-specific formatting preferences, integration with Outlook/MatterLink/Interaction for contact addressees, matter-specific RE lines and CC/BCC automation, matter-based shell templates. Customizable styles library with style sets, lists and outlines. Table of contents tools and document cleaning tools. File Stamp that is integrated with iManage.

Licensing model:

Per User

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iManage Solution:

iManage Work 10, iManage Cloud, iManage 9, iManage 8.5

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BEC Legal Systems

BEC Legal Systems

BEC Legal Systems develops enterprise software for law firms who use Microsoft Office, providing solutions that automate group calendaring, docketing, and task management in Outlook (BEC Docket Enterprise/Schedule Express); improve document production and formatting in Word (BEC LegalBar and BEC Assemble-It); and provide central matter and contact management in both Word and Outlook (BEC MatterLink.) The solutions share a SQL database but are modular and can be implemented together or separately. Our solutions extend the benefits of matter centricity by consolidating and simplifying access to matter information such as matter calendars, tasks, contacts, and custom fields directly from your iManage workspace or from Microsoft Word and Outlook. We “fill the gaps” between document management, billing, and Microsoft Office. BEC Legal provides clients with customized implementation services to meet specific needs, including on-site evaluations, comprehensive planning, installation and training services, and on-going support.

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