XpressDox Web Server

XpressDox Web Server allows users to run templates designed using the XpressDox Desktop Author product to be run on a Cloud-hosted or On-Premise web server, with or without integration to 3rd party applciations or websites. By running templates in a Web environment the cost of ownership is significantly reduced, and deployment of updates is simplified.

Unique differentiators/features

Web server can be Cloud hosted on an XpressDox Cloud Server or may be hosted On-Premise or in a private Cloud. Windows Authentication and Integration Servers are available. The system offers straight-forward integration with websites and 3rd party applications.

Licensing model:

XpressDox Web Servers are only available on a subscription model, but plans are available from 5 users upwards. Clients can also have the option for template-based pricing where they will have unlimited anonymous users accessing their templates.

Target Market:

Larger law firms and paper-intensive corporates in the financial services, banking, pharma, insurance and govement markets.

iManage Solution:

Work 10

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XpressDox (Pty) Ltd was established in 2007 and is based in Cape Town, South Africa. The company develops and supports a high end document automation software system which is used by corporates and law firms all over the world.

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