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XpressDox leads the way in making document creation and management easy and efficient, designed especially for the needs of law firms and businesses. We've packed everything into a single solution  that works effectively with Word, the web, Outlook, and APIs, making it simpler to create templates and generate documents.

Our software is built to blend into your existing tech setup effortlessly, with flexible ways to get started. XpressDox makes it possible to enjoy the best of both worlds: the advanced capabilities of full coding and the straightforward approach of no/low code solutions. This mix helps everyone work faster and smarter, ensuring your clients are more satisfied.At the vanguard of document automation, XpressDox stands as a comprehensive toolset tailored for the specialized needs of law firms and corporations. We have synthesized our expertise into an all-encompassing suite for Word, Web, Outlook, and API integrations, sculpting a streamlined path for template creation and document generation.


Innovative Authoring Suite

  • Unified Authoring Environment: Meld with MS Word effortlessly, commanding both template authoring and interview design in one cohesive, efficient workspace.
  • Author Templates with Precision: Balance ease and power with our “Question” module for no/low code convenience, or tap into our full code arsenal with over 300 commands for intricate template creation.
  • Design Intelligent Templates: Forge dynamic templates that harness potent document logic and decision trees, yielding engaging interviews with precision.
  • Structure Customized Interviews: Craft interviews uniquely with our Manage Interview editor, defining the sequence and aesthetics with finesse.
  • Reuse Data More Efficiently: Capitalize on existing data reserves, drawing from internal or external databases, for seamless document regeneration.
  • Convey Your Brand: Deliver a professional branding experience consistently, from styles to letterheads.


Customization and Collaboration

  • Customize File Saving: Determine your filing structure, crafting meaningful names for documents and answer files with ease.
  • Assemble to Outlook: Dispatch documents swiftly, integrating templates directly into Outlook emails, complete with automated recipient details and subjects.
  • Share Interviews Easily: Enhance client engagement and document accuracy by sharing tailored interviews swiftly via email.
  • Embed Interviews: Embed interviews on your website to collect data efficiently and attract potential clients.


Powerful Integration Capabilities

  • Effortless Database Integration: Streamline your data to document pathways, enabling quick and precise document assembly from various databases.
  • Seamless Cloud and DMS Integration: Connect fluidly with leading cloud storage solutions and Document Management Systems to refine your document workflows.
  • DocuSign e-Signature Integration: Accelerate document finalization with our integrated, secure, and efficient DocuSign e-signing process.
  • XpressDox API: Utilize our robust API to extend the capabilities of XpressDox across your applications, optimizing data utilization for document processes.


Customized Hosting
Choose how XpressDox lives within your technology framework, with hosting solutions that align with your operational preferences and standards.


Data Security and Integrity
With unwavering commitment, we adhere to industry best practices to secure your data at every stage, assuring you a reliable and protected experience.


XpressDox: The pinnacle of document automation – where efficiency meets innovation.

Unique differentiators/features

Desktop and Web environments

Compatible with MS Word, Web, Email & API

Integrated Word ribbon

Low code

Full code

Over 300 commands for sophisticated template development

Intuitive coding functionality

WYSIWYG interview designer

Powerful conditional logic and robust decision trees

Assemble to Word, PDF and Outlook email

Shared interviews

Embedded interviews

e-signature functionality

Custom design and branding

Customize how you save files, documents and templates

Flexible hosting options – Cloud hosted or On Premise hosted

SSO authentication

Cloud account

Microsoft Teams integration

Connects to cloud storage systems

Integrated into Document Management Systems

iManage integration

SharePoint integration

Integrates with popular data sources and practice management systems

CRM and Salesforce integrations

DocuSign integration

XpressDox API

Advanced security and data protection

Learning Center for help articles, video tutorials, and guides

HotDocs conversion tool

Contract Express conversion tool


Licensing model:

XpressDox licenses are sold on a monthly or annual subscription model based on a per user price. The Professional plan caters for subscriptions with less than 10 users, whereas our Enterprise plan caters for subscriptions of 10 users or more where volume discounts are applicable.

Target Market:

XpressDox has been purposely designed to offer unrivalled power and versatility within a single solution to ensure it is caters for the range of requirements of law firms and corporations of any size. Mid to large law firms find XpressDox particularly attractive due to it's comprehensive integration capabilities to connect seamlessly with a range of third party applications and merge effortlessly with their existing technology environments.

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Partner information

XpressDox (Pty) Ltd

XpressDox (Pty) Ltd

XpressDox (Pty) Ltd develops modern document automation software that blends simplicity and innovation into a single, powerful, and versatile solution for law firms and corporations across the globe. Our software, compatible with Word, Web, Outlook, and API, is designed to streamline document creation. It effortlessly integrates with existing technology ecosystems to boost productivity, improve accuracy and enhance client service. Established over fifteen years ago, XpressDox continues to innovate and partner with the world’s most forward-thinking firms and corporations, committed to offering both robust features and exemplary client service.

Chris Pearson