UC Folder Alerts

Allows document submitted rules to be created from within the Filesite and Desksite clients. Separate rules service module can be used to allow more control over the emails sent out when rules are run.

Unique differentiators/features

Allows rules to be created from within the Filesite and Deksite client.

Licensing model:

Per user, plus server license

Target Market:

IT/End User


Hannes Snellman

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Sysero Limited

Sysero Limited

Founded in 2007, Sysero is modernising the way law firms capture, use and share knowledge as part of the client-firm relationship. Our technology and approach is designed to make firms more productive, efficient and client-focused. We combine cutting-edge technology with a consultative approach to deliver end-to-end knowledge workflow solutions to leading law firms around the world.

Paul Upton