T3 Knowledge Management

T3 Knowledge Management is a Knowledge Management System that allows firms to classify by multiple voices or taxonomies (metadata) their iManage documents. T3 also has a highly user friendly Publication cycle that takes almost not time nor effort from the Legal professionals. As an add-on to iManage Work, it provides firms with an extremely sophisticated and user friendly search capability. Using T3, firms can apply multiple search classifications (taxonomies) to individual documents. Lawyers can then perform complex searches using legal terms to filter the results. It saves a great deal of the time taken to retrieve knowledge and delivers a comprehensive, yet more refined search result. It transforms iManage Work into a true Knowledge Management System.

Unique differentiators/features

The key benefits of T3: The implementation time of T3 is very short – a matter of days Firms take out a no-obligation annual subscription so if the system doesn’t add value the firm can simply choose not to renew T3 has no hidden IT costs Its interface is very friendly and easy to use Individual taxonomy structures can be created – for instance at the point firms merge – and later, as required, easily reclassified, re-indexed and integrated in a seamless way for the KM professionals T3 is an extraordinary affordable way for the firm to acquire a Knowledge Management System. The entire implementation goes over preexisting iManage infrastructure so firms don’t need to acquire any new hardware or software licenses. There are no hidden costs of entry or exit.

Licensing model:

Annual Subscription

Target Market:

Legal, Tax, Audit and Consultancy

iManage Solution:

Filesite 9.x, Work 10.x, iManage Cloud

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Lexsoft Systems, S.L.

Lexsoft Systems, S.L.

Lexsoft Systems is the leading Legal IT Consultancy in the Spanish speaking countries with offices in Madrid, Bogota and Mexico. Also Lexsoft Systems has specialized over the years in Knowledge Management Systems working with the top European Firms of UK, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain…