Sisjuri is our legal solution for law offices. Our solution provides comprehensive organization and management of all information relevant to the legal area and to the law office's business, raising their capacity, aligning it with their business strategy and helping on the management of processes, financial management, and billing management (expenses invoices and fees – time sheets or monthly fixed values). We have different kinds of legal and administrative profiles: Litigation, Administrative, Contracts, Consulting, Proxy, Bidding, Corporate, Trademarks and Patents, Crafts and Criminal. It is possible to optimize the intellectual production. Sisjuri also improves the performance analysis of financial information and it is easy to exchange information with partners, associates, lawyers, etc.

Unique differentiators/features

  • Financial management;
  • Billing management (expenses invoices and fees);
  • Time sheets;
  • Management reports;
  • Management processes in every law areas;
  • Customized exportation and reporting process;
  • Bail management;
  • Legal expenses management;
  • Claim management;
  • Publications management (integration with publication companies);
  • Follow-up management with e-mail notification;
  • Documents attached (all extensions) / Worksite integration (EDM);
  • Incident management process (developments);
  • Brazilian indexation for processes and contracts (TJ, IGPM, SELIC, IPCA, etc.);
  • Prognostic for process and claims;
  • Administrative contracts management.
  • Movements management (history of contract actions)
  • Different kinds of legal profiles

Licensing model:

Per user

Target Market:

Law Offices


Velloza Girotto Lindenbojm Advogados Associados, Felsberg Advogados, Machado Meyer Advogados, Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroga Advogados


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