Allows importing of files from Windows Explorer. There is no longer a need to create a profile for each imported document and manually import. After right-clicking a file, the iManage enhanced File SaveAs dialog is displayed.

Unique differentiators/features

The easiest and most user-friendly of the Younts import tools. Adds an extra right-click to the Windows Explorer SendTo menu. Can import individual files or entire folder structures. Displays the enhanced file save-as dialog to allow the end-user to choose a target document folder.

Licensing model:

Per client

Target Market:



Partner information

Younts Consulting Inc

Younts Consulting Inc

As one the largest iManage resellers in the country, Younts Consulting has obtained knowledge of the many rewards, risks, and requirements of the iManage Work and iManage Govern (formerly Records Manager) Suites.

Donna Keys