IRIS Security Console for iManage Work

Workspace security in iManage Work is not always straightforward, it is a dynamic process. End users should be able to manage teams without complicated dialogs and countless clicks. Letting IT handle security is not the solution; a professional project manager should be able to handle this straight away. Busy professionals carry full responsibility for the security of their projects, but do not have the time for heavy change management. Assigning project delegates enables the professional to still be in charge, but share the admin tasks. IRIS Security Console for iManage Work allows users to be appointed within group management and workspace security who would normally not have access to those areas. Security Console lets appointed users add and remove groups to and from security on workspaces without having to go about acquiring full access rights. This allows them to manage teams without the need for complicated procedures and endless clicking.

Unique differentiators/features

Security Console application provides group management and workspace security management to users that normally are not allowed to do so, as by default iManage reserves those rights to administrators having access to the Database Administration tool only. iManage allows workspace security changes for users that have “Full Access” rights by default. Security Console allows users to manage group membership of virtual (non-active Directory) groups in iManage directly from FileSite and DeskSite. Security Console allows specified users to add/remove groups to/from security on workspaces without the requirement of having “Full Access”. All these features are controlled by customer specific business rules. Security Console handles all security changes in the background. Due to the detailed audit trail, professionals can view details of the workspace security, filtering and sorting per user, date or user. Admin users can prepare reports on security on specific dates. Clients can request historical information on workspaces and users.

Licensing model:

Perpetual: Per environment, per user; Term: per user per month

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