IRIS Scan2DMS for iManage Work

More and more organizations are scanning their physical documents and archives into iManage Work. IRIS Scan2DMS for iManage Work ensures that any type of scanning device can be integrated with iManage Work. Documents are scanned, compressed and saved into the right format before they are stored safely. Next to that, every single document is made full-text searchable.

Unique differentiators/features

Scan2DMS connects multifunctionals to iManage Work. Every scanned image is automatically stored. Scan2DMS is installed on a server and collects all scanned documents, where possible together with a barcode or extra information provided by the multifunctional. The scanned images are OCRed (Optical Character Recognition), converted to a PDF and released to iManage Work. The location where documents are saved can be determined based on the bar code or other information. Furthermore, it is possible to connect dedicated scanners to iManage Work, enabling organisations to digitize and archive their paper files in iManage Work. Patented compression technology significantly reduces the filesize of document and thereby boosts performance for users.

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IRIS Nederland

IRIS Nederland

IRIS Nederland is part of Canon, Europe’s largest specialist in information management. Our expertise encompasses strategic advice on information management, document digitisation, content management and the information lifecycle. All our products and services are geared towards raising the productivity of people and processes and improving a company’s data circulation. With a dedicated team of certified information professionals, IRIS is able to offer solutions in the areas of document digitisation (Input Management), Document Management, Records Management, Knowledge Management and Business Process Management. We combine our experience and expertise with innovative technology to deliver successful projects that drive value for our customers.

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