IRIS PMS and ERP connector for iManage Work

The documents stored in iManage Work usually belong to a matter, client, engagement or project that you are also managing in a PMS (Practice Management System) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Therefore, a lot of information that you want to use for searching and organizing your documents is going to carry a strong relation to the information you are also tracking in your PMS/ERP system. The PMS and ERP Connector creates and structures all that information in iManage Work automatically, making your document management an efficient and effective complement to your Practice Management System.

Unique differentiators/features

The IRIS Connector creates and structures all information available in the ERP/PMS in iManage Work. By creating workspace templates for clients and specific projects, matters or engagement types, and by populating them with all the relevant information on that client, project, engagement or matter, no additional work in iManage Work is necessary and users can save their documents to workspaces and inherit their security and metadata directly from there. If a matter, client, engagement or project becomes confidential in the PMS, the whole workspace including all its documents will follow the same rule right away. As a result, key players for a project can receive elevated security automatically, but more importantly when this security level changes, you choose to replace the original security with it, or just add it on top. That workspace can also show up in the My Workspaces / My Matters folder automatically, optionally categorized by client.

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IRIS Nederland

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