IRIS Exporter for iManage Work

Exporting documents, folder structures or entire workspaces is a time consuming process, when done manually. With the Exporter this process becomes fast, and simple. It enables (end) users to export documents, document folders or complete workspaces from iManage Work without losing the original folder structure.

Unique differentiators/features

The Exporter is an easy to use desktop tool. It can be installed on any client machine with HP WorkSite and Microsoft Office. Using a ‘wizard’, users are guided through easy steps to export a selection of documents, document folders or a complete workspace, including its original folder structure and documents. When exporting documents and/or folders, they can be renamed. The Exporter offers the option to use available WorkSite metadata to name documents and folders. For each export, an index page will be created. This index page will give a summary of what has been exported. This index page can be added on the top level of the created folder structure. The Exporter offers the choice of exporting all versions of documents, or the final versions only, filtered on date or specific authors.

Licensing model:

Perpetual: Per environment, per user; Term: per user per month

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IRIS Nederland

IRIS Nederland

IRIS Nederland is part of Canon, Europe’s largest specialist in information management. Our expertise encompasses strategic advice on information management, document digitisation, content management and the information lifecycle. All our products and services are geared towards raising the productivity of people and processes and improving a company’s data circulation. With a dedicated team of certified information professionals, IRIS is able to offer solutions in the areas of document digitisation (Input Management), Document Management, Records Management, Knowledge Management and Business Process Management. We combine our experience and expertise with innovative technology to deliver successful projects that drive value for our customers.

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