IRIS Advanced Office Integration for iManage Work

IRIS Advanced Office Integration for iManage Work can greatly enhance your experience when working with iManage Work and Microsoft Office, whether by making the most of your favorite custom template application, or by facilitating the transition from your old file server storage to your fresh iManage Work installation.

Unique differentiators/features

Start your template application from iManage Work using a right-click on a folder, and pass the (case related) information from that folder to your template application. Use information from documents to select a Workspace and/or a folder automatically to save documents to. Create and update footers containing iManage Work information among other methods by calling your preferred template macros or add-in commands. Update an iManage Work document profile with information passed on from the iManage Work template, any other properties or document variables in your document, or even other profile fields. Documents you open from the file system can be automatically removed after saving them to iManage. If the file system is set to read-only for users, configure the Advanced Office Integration to use an admin account with an encrypted password to clean up the documents and leave a link to the documents in iManage.

Key features

• Automatically positions the save dialog onto the correct workspace;
• Synchronizes information from iManage Work towards documents;
• Synchronizes information from documents to iManage Work;
• Allows third-party applications to integrate with the IRIS office integration.

Licensing model:

Perpetual: Per environment, per user; Term: per user per month

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