Intellectual Property Document Assembly System (IPDAS)

IPDAS (Intellectual Property Document Assembly System) automates the preparation and e-filing of patent applications at the USPTO. First, users prepare their filing documents – data populates into the official PTO forms, fees are automatically calculated, and documents automatically profiled and saved into iManage. IPDAS preserves the links to these documents inside the IPDAS database for use with other modules. So, for example, when users are ready to submit their package to the PTO’s EFS Web system, they simply go into IPDAS, select their documents, authenticate and let IPDAS do the rest. IPDAS retrieves the documents from iManage, uploads them into the EFS-System, fills in the submission form, and calculates the fees. The entire process takes only minutes; the final package is ready for submission now or later inside the PTO’s EFS-Web system.

IPDAS also includes a built-in file wrapper (“EFW”) for viewing the entire file for an individual patent application. When preparing reporting e-mails in Outlook for clients, IPDAS displays and retrieves the EFW documents and attaches them to the e-mail. EFW documents are also accessible via the web inside the IPDAS Web Reporting module.

Unique differentiators/features

Seamlessly integrates with external systems, including iManage, the PTO’s e-Office Action program, WIPO’s espacenet, EFS-Web, PAIR/TSDR, EPAS/ETAS.

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Target Market:

Entities generating patent and trademark applications to the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) or World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO)


Law firms and in-house departments that perform patent prosecution with the US PTO and WIPO

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AutoDocs LLC

AutoDocs LLC

Automated Document Services Ltd is one of the longest established and trusted document scanning and data capture service providers in the UK. Our history can be traced back over 13 years and our team have carried out some of the most important and prestigious projects for a large number of clients in that time including, The National Archive, The British Library, Ford UK, Scottish Power, The Driving Standards Agency, The Met Office, The Department of Education, The United Nations, Schlumberger and The Scottish Government.