This utility allows administrators to customize the ability of end-users to add document folders to workspaces. Depending on the profile metadata of a workspace (often area of law) a predetermined list is presented to end-users so that they can add document folders on an ad hoc basis as needed. This solution allows a compromise between completely locking down a workspace folder structure and allowing end-users to freely create document folders with no organization whatsoever.

Unique differentiators/features

Adds a custom right-click to the My Matters node in iManage Work Explorer. The list of folders is determined by mapping a template to configurable metadata on the workspace. Easy to use.

Licensing model:

Per client

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Younts Consulting Inc

Younts Consulting Inc

As one the largest iManage resellers in the country, Younts Consulting has obtained knowledge of the many rewards, risks, and requirements of the iManage Work and iManage Govern (formerly Records Manager) Suites.

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