Copitrak automates the document lifecycle, breaks down scanning workflow bottlenecks and delivers the accessibility you demand—all while providing critical insights into expenses, profitability and cost recovery all on a single platform. Copitrak is your tool for capture, digital document routing, print management and business analytics.

  • Cost of ownership: Achieve a lower total cost of ownership with Copitrak’s single, integrated platform.
  • Productivity: Increase productivity with seamless solution access across smartphones, tablets, terminals and more.
  • Visibility: Enhance visibility into cost recovery, hard copy expenses and firm-wide waste reduction.
  • Flexibility: Stay nimble with a state-of-the-art solution built on an open system using modern industry standards.
  • Usability: Easily convert,edit and share PDF files with one click from any print application.

Unique differentiators/features

Nuance is fixated on enabling law firms to securely capture, organize, publish and distribute information—regardless of whether it’s paper or PDF files—to ensure data loss protection and confidentiality, track usage and costs, and provide complete control while improving process efficiency. Nuance Document Solutions—simple, streamlined and secure Nuance provides one comprehensive solution that addresses all of your requirements, not a single product that solves one issue. Our solution includes:

  • Security controls that ensure confidentiality
  • Seamless integration into existing operating procedures and workflows – PDF review and publishing
  • Capture of documents at any device
  • Audit trail for documentation
  • Simplify the sharing of information between departments
  • Increase productivity of mobile workers
  • Insights into expenses for cost savings and recovery

Target Market:

Legal Firms


Small, Mid and Large Size Legal Firms

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Kofax software enables organizations to Work Like Tomorrow – today. Our Intelligent Automation software platform helps organizations transform information-intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs, and improve customer engagement. We combine RPA, cognitive capture, process orchestration, mobility and engagement, and analytics to ease implementations and deliver dramatic results that mitigate compliance risk and increase competitiveness, growth and profitability.

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