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BigHand Create gives organizations control over the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint document templates that their employees use. With BigHand Create, management can customize and distribute templates centrally and can ensure all documents are quick and easy to produce, whilst following your brand guidelines and best practices. BigHand Create lets people work in a more self-sufficient way and without the need for lengthy training or additional support from a document production team. Users can create a profiled document from WorkSite and FileSite by navigating to the Client and Matter, right-clicking on a document folder and selecting the option ‘BigHand Document’, and see the profile form be automatically populated.

Unique differentiators/features

  • Integrates with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Outlook, InterAction, GroupWise and Lotus Notes as well as document management systems.
  • Create customized templates for a vast range of documents like letters, agreements and reports.
  • Manage and distribute templates from a central administration console
  • Integrate with existing SQL or Active Directory data sources to pull through data.
  • Update details like author or addressee per template or template group.
  • Renovate existing documents by accessing functionality via the BigHand Create ribbon.
  • Use the BigHand Create Super Copy and Super Paste feature to import content from other documents into branded templates.

Licensing model:

Per user licensing Annual Maintenance & Support

Target Market:

Legal & Professional Services


iManage Solution:

iManage Work 8.5, 9.x & 10.x

Product URL:

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We currently have over 545,000 software licenses in use across 3,000 global organizations, all of which are benefiting from using our technology every day You might know us for our Digital Dictation products, because our products are trusted by some of the world’s leading law firms and healthcare organizations, but dictation is just the start. We’ve developed a range of speech, task delegation, document creation and workflow tools that help busy people achieve more in less time, and organizations become more efficient and effective. Our ambition isn’t just to help people get things done, we’re all about helping big ideas become big achievements. We’re here to Make Big Happen.

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