ACP iMan-Save Assist

ACP iMan-SaveAssist is a tool that has two primary functions:

  1. To assist with automatic identification of folders and workspaces when saving word documents.
  2. To assist the firm with establishing a consistent naming convention for word documents.

Unique differentiators/features

ACP iMan-SaveAssist is seamlessly integrated into iManage and ensures files are saved into the correct WorkSpace/Folder based on matter information. ACP iMan-SaveAssist supports the firm in using a standard naming convention based on the firm rules and requirements. This helps the user name the document providing a good solid base for future searching of content based on document description. ACP iMan-SaveAssist is a word addin that has the ability to be configured to suit the firm’s requirements. ACP iMan-SaveAssist can be used with third party document generation tools.

Target Market:


iManage Solution:

(UAPP version v3.9+)

Partner information

ACP Solutions Pty Ltd

ACP Solutions Pty Ltd

ACP Solutions was first formed in 2003, and underwent a change late in 2005 to focus on document management and document automation. We have clients in a number of different market areas, including legal, accounting, Federal Government, Universities and several other diverse industries.

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