Leaflet® Platform

Leaflet® is a next generation, enterprise level, zero programming, document automation solution combined with live, in-Word editing. We call it “Draft Live”. It is deeply integrated with MS-Office, Web and Adobe. Leaflet also binds collaboration into the mix by streaming in client and co-worker answers to questionnaires from “Leaflets” (web-forms) hosted on Leaflet® Microsite™. It does this with no programming and enhances collaboration and mobility with its cloud-based or on premise SaaS architecture. Leaflet® instantly builds secure collaboration into transaction document packages, providing profitability and reduced risk for law firms and corporate legal, contract managers, procurement and business units. It makes practices more productive and their drafting and negotiations markedly more efficient and effective.

Unique differentiators/features

  • Zero Programming Authoring. Leaflet® Platform offers absolutely no coding.
  • Multiple Drafting Modes. Leaflet® Platform offers several drafting modes: DraftLive™ in Microsoft Word, Draft in Preview mode, Draft Offline, Self Service and Collaborative modes.
  • DocuSign Integration. Leaflet lets you automate entities and their signature blocks natively in Word. Whole-practice automation jumpstarts from there as DocuSign and the Leaflet® Microsite™ deliver final deal documents with no intervention.
  • Workflow. Leaflet provides configurable workflow for routing, review and approval and post execution monitoring processes.
  • Connectors. Leaflet Platform has built in Connectors for integrating with external systems such as CRMs, DMs and other external workflow systems.
  • RESTful Web Services APIs.
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Active Directory / LDAP integration with Single Sign-on.
  • SAML 2.0 integration
  • Question Library. Leaflet® Platform builds library of questions as when practices automate their forms which are simply referenced and re-used as needed.
  • Clause Library. Leaflet® Platform’s clause library helps practices manage their favorite clauses and use them during live drafting and negotiation.
  • PDF Form Automation. Leaflet® Platform lets you create your fillable regulatory PDF Form documents along with word and excel documents.

Licensing model:

Admin/Manager And User Named Licenses

Target Market:

Corporate Legal, Law Firms, Project Management, WorkFlow Management, Records Disposition Management, Outside Counsel Management

Partner information

Leaflet® Corporation

Leaflet® Corporation

Based just outside of Boston, Leaflet Corporation is a 2014 spin-off from Brightleaf Corporation. Brightleaf had concentrated on both Document Automation and Contract Abstraction since its founding in 2007. Leaflet Corporation now focuses strictly on collaborative document automation with a vision to change its entire landscape. For law firms and legal / contract departments, we deploy our Web and Microsoft Word®-based legal document automation platform (either in-house or in the cloud) to make lawyers, contract managers and procurement professionals more productive, collaborative, and their drafting markedly more efficient. Our automated assembly and negotiation solutions are used by Fortune 1000 companies and AmLaw 200 and mid-sized law firms.

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