Workshare Transact

Workshare Transact helps lawyers and legal teams run transactions more efficiently and effectively. Lawyers create online workspaces based on the document checklist for their deal, which provides structure for the organization of files and monitoring of status throughout the transaction. Transact enables teams to be productive and cut out many deal admin tasks, so fee earners can focus on their legal work and their clients. Clients benefit from increased transparency of their matters, and efficiency is gained at every stage of the process, including a 75% time-saving on closing binder / bible creation. Law firms use Transact on an external or internal basis to:

  1. manage the conditions precedent process on banking & finance transactions
  2. manage closings of corporate transactions
  3. run entire corporate / real estate deals from start to finish.

Unique differentiators/features

  1. Checklist based workspaces organise files intuitively on each deal
  2. Deal teams can quickly assign check the status of deal documents
  3. Clients have transparency over their matters and can instantly find any file they need to review
  4. Closing binder / bible creation features create a 75% time-saving on this process
  5. Email traffic is vastly reduced with files posted in a shared workspace rather than sent by email.

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Legal - Transactional Attorneys / Lawyers

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