iManage Add-in for Mattersphere

The Trinogy add-in for Mattersphere™ provides a means for any site running Mattersphere to view the documents held for the Matter direct from within the Mattersphere screens. Users have the typical iManage tabs, such as Profile, Preview, Versions, History etc and document commands such as Open, Print, View etc , all from within Mattersphere.

Unique differentiators/features

Operates entirely within Mattersphere screens; Allows an end-user to view all Folders and documents for the Matter and conduct document functions, such as Open/Print etc, from within Mattersphere; Low cost, simple to install and use.

Licensing model:

Annual Subscription

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iManage Sites

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Trinogy Systems

Trinogy Systems

Trinogy markets, implements and supports information solutions to meet the needs of a wide variety of organisations and departments. Our current range of solutions covers FOI or ‘right-to-know’ processing, corporate legal/general counsel, case management, electronic document and records management and ‘paper-light/less legal systems’.

Robert Fraser