Link2DMS - Intercept

Link2DMS Intercept is a powerful and easy-to-use software tool that enables you to save and open documents created with non-native integrated applications directly within iManage Work, making some of the most popular non-integrated applications into integrated applications. Use to integrate web browsers and web-based applications on the browser level or only on designated pages.

Link2DMS eliminates the frustration in working with applications that don’t natively integrate with iManage Work, and enables firms to increase adoption and compliance by allowing nearly all content to be stored in the DMS. Upload and download any document stored in iManage Work to/from a webpage without needing to sync the content first. Implement uniformly to all or selected users without the need to provide training since it provides the same integration as when working in an integrated application such as Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Unique differentiators/features

  • Administer from anywhere
  • Centralized administration with iManage Control Centre
  • iManage New Professional experience integration
  • Reduces risk and increases matter/engagements/projects visibility by allowing non-integrated documents to be saved within iManage Work
  • Improves productivity and streamlines the e-filing process
  • Allows users to save file types not supported within a standard iManage Work environment
  • Directly uploads documents from the DMS to websites and downloads documents from web browsers to the DMS—activity is automatically dated, tracked and detailed
  • Optional PDF Interceptor allows users to directly convert supported file types into a PDF

Licensing model:

Per user, in tiers

Target Market:

iManage Work customers (power users, administrative staff)


Law firms, corporate legal departments, financial services, accounting, other professional services

iManage Solution:

iManage Work, iManage Cloud

Product URL:

Partner information

RBRO Solutions Inc.

RBRO Solutions Inc.

A premiere iManage partner for over 15 years and trusted globally by over 400,000 business users, RBRO Solutions is dedicated to helping organizations get the greatest value from their business content and work processes by extending the power of their iManage Work solution. With over 700 iManage engagements, RBRO applies best practices and know-how to simplify iManage implementations, upgrades and migrations. RBRO can transform how organizations get work done with adoptable and scalable improvements in business efficiency and agility—that integrate seamlessly across corporate systems—adding value to the iManage Work solution, enabling you to decrease your overall cost of ownership by simplifying tasks and empowering users.