iManage Raises the Bar for Comprehensive Risk Management Coverage with New iManage Cloud Services

Laura Whitehead

05 August 2021

Company helps prepare legal and professional services firms for the Future of Work by providing cloud-based services while maintaining proven on-premise offerings

CHICAGO – Aug 5, 2021 – iManage, the company dedicated to Making Knowledge WorkTM, today announced the availability of its risk management products in the iManage Cloud, beginning Q4 2021. The choice of deployment model, whether on-premise or within iManage Cloud, provides flexibility that ensures legal and professional services organizations a best-class solution for sophisticated, secure risk management. The dual offering allows organizations to leverage their preferred deployment, licensing, and maintenance model tailored to their unique business requirements. The approach also provides a streamlined migration path for organizations that want to move from on-premise to cloud-based solutions at their own pace, rather than forcing organizations to adopt change before they are ready.

“The addition of iManage Conflicts Manager and  iManage Business Intake Manager to the iManage Cloud presents an incredible opportunity for professional services firms globally,” said Joy E. Spicer, VP of Risk Management at iManage. “Our clients now have access to the unparalleled flexibility these products offer for expedited conflicts clearance, new business onboarding, and other business processes in a SaaS model, which dramatically reduces IT costs and provides access to new features as they are made available.  Further, iManage’s unique focus on the needs of knowledge workers – including management of the ethical and regulatory requirements, and security of their assets – makes our extensive cloud-based services distinctly valuable. Tight integrations across powerful products on the iManage platform protect firms more comprehensively than piece-meal solutions.”

With numerous legal and professional services organizations accelerating cloud adoption in the last 18 months, many are focused on leveraging the cloud as a foundation for greater innovation and efficiency. The modern, secure cloud services from iManage prepare firms to meet growing demands of the digital age, enabling them to better meet organizational needs, deliver the highest level of client service, and outpace competitors.

iManage has a long, established history of supporting its on-premise customer base, and Spicer indicates these products will follow the same path: “Although cloud is the future, it can be a big decision to make the move. We understand that firms will move to the cloud at different paces, and iManage remains committed to support all of our customers along their journey, on-premise and cloud.”

iManage will continue to sell and service on-premise software along with our cloud services as long as the market has a need for both. As firms make the choice to move to the cloud, iManage can easily and efficiently assist in that transition, as it has for thousands of global customers across several years.

Products available as part of this strategic dual offering include iManage Conflicts Manager, which provides comprehensive conflicts of interest search and clearance capabilities, and iManage Business Intake Manager, which provides cradle-to-grave workflows surrounding clients and engagements.  The products enable firms and their professionals to work faster, more accurately, and more efficiently by quickly identifying potential business conflicts and mitigating regulatory, financial, and reputational risk from the point of business inception throughout the client and matter/project lifecycle.

Risk management products from iManage can function alone or can be integrated into its broader knowledge work platform. Native integration with iManage’s flagship product for document and email management, iManage Work, provides firms with seamless connectivity to all documents relevant to the firm’s risk management discipline.  This includes documents such as outside counsel guidelines, engagement letters, and more within the firm’s operational workflows supporting its conflicts clearance activities. Further, iManage Conflicts Manager provides the ability to track key terms and client obligations inside these documents, ensuring traceability and visibility into contractual obligations.

iManage Conflicts Manager and  iManage Business Intake Manager are the latest products in the iManage knowledge work platform to be offered as cloud services, joining the rest of  the iManage security, risk and governance portfolio including, iManage Security Policy Manager, iManage Records Manager, and iManage Threat Manager. iManage provides a thorough and layered approach to managing security, privacy, and risk without impacting access or knowledge flow to customers or their clients.

About iManage

iManage transforms how professionals in legal, accounting and financial services get work done by combining artificial intelligence, security and risk mitigation with market leading document and email management. iManage automates routine cognitive tasks, provides powerful insights and streamlines how professionals work, while maintaining the highest level of security and governance over critical client and corporate data. Over one million professionals at over 4,000 organizations in over 65 countries – including more than 2,500 law firms and 1,200 corporate legal departments and other enterprise customers – rely on iManage to deliver great client and corporate work – securely.

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