iManage delivers enhanced user experience and extended capabilities for distributed and mobile working

Laura Whitehead

21 December 2020

CHICAGO – December 21, 2020 – iManage, the company dedicated to transforming how professionals work, today announced new platform enhancements that deliver on its ongoing commitment to provide a modern, feature-rich, SaaS-based Work Product Management Platform to improve knowledge professional productivity, and security.

Driven largely by user feedback, the newest version of iManage improves the user experience, delivers increased organizational agility, and empowers iManage users to productively manage remote and mobile work, all in a single, integrated platform. iManage customers continue to benefit from the industry’s most advanced security, risk and governance capabilities.

“iManage is built for the 21st century lawyer,” said Jason Evans, DMS & Application Technical Lead, Charles Russell Speechlys. “It’s mobile. It’s modern. And it’s a key part of our cloud adoption strategy. There’s a lot of demand from our power users for the drag-and-drop file tree, as well as the mobility and offline working capabilities."

”Professionals across enterprises and professional services firms have been confronted this year with the challenge of having to work offline – disconnected from corporate networks – and have had to find new ways to stay connected with their teams and organizations, across a wide variety of devices and locations,” said Dan Carmel, Chief Marketing Officer, iManage. “iManage Work 10 directly addresses the challenge of distributed work. Its intuitive and robust web interface brings users together across many ways of working, connecting mobile users, power users, Mac users, G-suite users, MS Outlook users and more, to their teams. Work 10 provides professionals with a single, unified, safe, and searchable work environment that improves productivity and efficiently facilitates reuse of critical knowledge within the organization.”

In today’s largely virtual work environment, simple, streamlined access to the right knowledge when and where users need it has become even more essential. Distributed teams cannot just simply stop by each other’s desks to check status or ask a question of experts in the office.

The latest Work 10 release delivers usability improvements, new workflows, advanced search, and offline capabilities that reduce organizational silos and maintain a single source of truth across customers’ data, while keeping distributed teams connected and in synch.  Highlights include:

  • Improved user experience:

A fully interactive, drag-and-drop file tree allows users to navigate large, complex workspaces, and manage large numbers of files with fewer clicks, saving professionals valuable time.  New workflows make creating and moving folders and adding document references simple, while speeding access to information.

  • Expanded search:

Enhanced search capabilities enable users to accurately search and find documents and emails with increased accuracy directly from Outlook.

  • Offline workspace synching:
    iManage Drive makes mobile productivity easy by enabling entire workspaces to be taken offline for remote work. When users reconnect, these workspaces are automatically synced in iManage.

Cloud Enhancements Drive Agility Even When Working Remotely

With iManage Cloud, customer infrastructure is managed remotely. This frees up IT resources and supports distributed work in a number of ways, including eliminating in-office server maintenance. iManage Cloud enables customers to respond to changing conditions quickly and painlessly. Adding new capabilities or quickly scaling based on the demands of the business is simple and frictionless, providing the agility organizations need to be responsive, nimble, and competitive.

“Even with the pandemic, cloud adoption and migration remain high, as organizations recognize the benefits of agility and scale that cloud delivers,” continued Carmel. “iManage has deployed a record number of customers in iManage Cloud this year, at a rate greater than one cloud deployment per day. This underscores the magnitude of the impact cloud infrastructure can have during times of distributed work. The new features in iManage Work 10 allow better administration of cloud instances, delivering a seamless, secure user experience.”


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