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DLA Piper Moving to iManage Cloud across UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia

International law firm embraces cloud-first approach to document management to enhance security, agility, and productivity.

12 September 2023
Press Release

iManage Launches iManage Insight+, a Cloud-Native Knowledge Curation and Search Solution

Powerful capabilities to curate, manage and accurately locate content enable organizations to effectively leverage and scale institutional knowledge.

22 August 2023
Press Release

iManage Announces iManage AI, a Powerful New AI Engine to Transform Knowledge Search Across its Platform

iManage AI Solutions deliver new platform capabilities to enable customers to improve productivity and mitigate risk

21 August 2023
News Coverage

iManage Announces iManage AI, New AI Powered Search Across Its Platform coverage of the iManage AI announcement at ILTACON.

21 August 2023
News Coverage

Negotiating change: Taking your business to the next level

Neil Araujo, CEO and Founder of iManage, says change is non-negotiable in the tech industry – and that standing still is the precursor to falling apart.

17 June 2023
News Coverage

Control of Generative AI is the Only Way to Unlock Its True Benefits 

Is there a way to impose generative AI control systems?

16 June 2023
News Coverage

The biggest impediments to user adoption of enterprise technology

Senior Director of Customer Adoption Brian Jones, explore the impediments of successful enterprise adoption and how to overcome them. 

21 May 2023
News Coverage

Is it time to properly embrace project management?

Jack Shepherd explores the benefits of adopting alternative project management strategies, for Solicitors Journal. 

17 May 2023
News Coverage

Change management: it’s not always about the whole o­r­g­a­n­i­s­a­t­i­o­n

Brian Jones at iManage debunks the myth of change management as a grand-scale exercise.

05 May 2023
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