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Partner Marketing at iManage


Partner Marketing at iManage

What does my partnership with iManage offer?

As our partner, we extend your reach into the wider iManage network, making iManage marketing expertise and resources available to assist you in amplifying your marketing efforts.

Awareness of your offering opens the door to new business relationships enabling you to expand your reach. Association with the iManage brand, the industry-leader in document management solutions, brings you positive exposure to the audience you are targeting. 

Working with us, your organization can take advantage of iManage website tracking data and analytics to uncover opportunities that would otherwise be unknown to you.

But working together with iManage goes beyond potential sales opportunities. It means increased access to our subject matter experts, as well as other resources, and presents valuable opportunities for you to network for success.


Website promotion

Promote your qualified event on the iManage Events and Webinars page to benefit from increased visibility.

Email promotion

Take advantage of iManage promotion of joint events and partner events that align with iManage marketing strategy.

iManage speakers

Request an iManage subject matter expert to speak or participate in your event. 

Customer opportunities

Nominate a customer to participate in iManage-hosted webinars and events such as ConnectLive and EMEA UGM.

Support for ideas

Benefit from regular updates and helpful materials to support your campaign activity.


Joint press release

Join with iManage in announcing customer wins and implementation success stories with our shared customers.

Newsletter features

Be featured as an iManage partner in prospect newsletters.

Joint case study

Be highlighted as our partner in iManage customer case study assets.

Video case studies

Collaborate with iManage to produce case study videos featuring joint clients, your logo and backlinks to your site.

Social media engagement

Become a recognized, recommended iManage partner/reseller brand or service via social.


Referral program

Earn a referral bonus of 15% by sharing net-new opportunities that result in a closed deal, as long as you're registered and approved to qualify. There are no fee or training requirements to participate.

Marketing development funds

Receive up to a 50 percent contribution toward approved partner marketing activity, such as sponsorship of a third-party event where you feature iManage exclusively.

Marketing content review

Obtain expert advice on marketing content such as landing pages, invitations, and messaging from iManage staff. Receive guidelines for using iManage logos and imagery.

Partnering with the team at iManage is a true honor. Our organizations have developed a business relationship and process which allows us to service our clients as one organization. The results of years of hard work deliver the best outcomes for our customers.

Chuck Davis

Managing Director, Morae Global, NA and US

Enabling people to work smarter and more efficient makes being an iManage partner a pleasure!

Byran Barkley

Business Development Manager, Co-Operative Computing

iManage has provided us with a very close connection and level of mutual respect at every facet of the organization, and that connection has only deepened with the introduction of iManage Cloud.

Jeff Andersen

Solutions Director, Office Information Australia (OIA)

We’ve been iManage partners for more than 20 years now and It couldn’t have been a greater experience. The whole iManage team is great to work with and we get all the resources we need to develop the business in our region.

Carlos Machado

Director, Docwise

Together we achieve more

iManage is committed to leading the industry through its transformation to a modern, cloud-based knowledge management platform. 

We partner with the best, most qualified organizations in the industry – businesses like yours – because we believe you share our commitment.

We salute and support you.

Begin taking advantage of your partner benefits.