Interview with Warren Hero, CIO Webber Wentzel

In this video series, we learn from Warren Hero, CIO Webber Wentzel about his implementation of Microsoft and iManage and how they work better together

 Driving Innovation at Webber Wentzel

In this video series, we share a fascinating digital transformation journey by one of the oldest law firms in South Africa, Webber Wentzel.  Geoff Hornsby, General Manager, EMEA, iManage chats with Warren Hero, CIO, Webber Wentzel. 

 Covering Warren’s background from when he was Chief Technology Officer, South Africa at Microsoft, to the innovative work he is doing as CIO at Webber Wentzel, we look at how bringing together the two giant systems in his ecosystem, Microsoft O365 and iManage Work 10, he has created innovation premiums, and delivered great strides in productivity, collaboration, efficiency, and security to the firm.

1. Changing business models through digital transformation

In this video, Warren walks us through his journey from Microsoft to one of South Africa’s leading law firms, where his digital transformation strategy has enabled him and his team to give back 18 minutes in the hour to legal professionals. 

In order to deliver improved lawyer productivity, he discusses the steps he put in place to have the right structure, and a clear upgrade path to move simultaneously to iManage Work 10 and Microsoft O365, in order to benefit from the two systems working better together.

2. Delivering impact by creating a modern workplace

In this second video of the series, Warren delves deeper into discussing how best to manage your law firm ecosystem and integrations to create a modern workplace. He talks about the increased benefits of the core partnership of iManage and Microsoft, working better together, and how this has aided his operational and strategic transformation. 

Additionally, we explore how to create value by adopting a data-driven approach, and how to ensure security is not an after-thought, but a design element when delivering a new service or capability.

3. Future-proofing your law firm: Creating an innovation premium

In this last video in the series Warren Hero, CIO, Webber Wentzel talks about creating time for fee earners to do work that matters and how he has achieved this through different methods including adopting a design thinking approach to problem-solving and alignment of investment decisions to different technology provider roadmaps.

We finish the series by discussing how moving to the cloud enables the firm to realize innovation premiums.  The underlying objective is how best to make Webber Wentzel’s institutional knowledge work harder for the benefit of the firm and clients.

The implementation at Webber Wentzel was led and supported by our regional partner Co-operative Computing.

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