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One on One

Debra Dowdy, Chief Operating Officer, says Lewis Wagner transitioned to iManage Work 10 in the Cloud before the pandemic and never looked back.

One on One

Josh Schreiner, Firm Administrator, Birch Horton Bittner & Cherot chats about the value of moving two firms to iManage Cloud.

Security in the iManage Cloud

Managing security over complex matters across different geographies is often at the heart of the concerns that drive customers to iManage.

Proactive support = Peace of mind

Customers key in on how the proactive support they receive from iManage has led to satisfied users and greater peace of mind.


Attorneys were "wowed" by the time-saving features and integrations of iManage Closing Folders transaction management tool.

Hand Arendall Harrison Sale

Everyone at Hand Arendell, Harrison Sale can work the same way wherever they are, following the iManage Work 10 best practices they set up.

Gilead Sciences

How the biopharmaceutical's legal team protects the “crown jewels” while taking greater control of its document management.

Holman Webb

Award-winning law firm's move to cloud is part of an ongoing strategy of harnessing agile technology to empower lawyers to give their all.

McCarthy Tétrault

Leading Canada law firm delivers on their brand promise of having the best tools and the brightest minds, with iManage Work 10 in the Cloud.

Taylor Vinters

iManage Work 10 in the Cloud gives the firm more flexibility and agility, as well as saving up to 50 percent of their office space by going paperless.

Baker Botts

A deeper commitment with iManage gives lawyers a compelling, holistic solution to keep client data secure, supported by a trusted vendor.

Switching to iManage

"iManage is much more functional than Worldox," says Josh Schreiner, Firm Administrator at Birch Horton Bittner & Cherot

One on One

Audra Grosso, Operations Coordinator at A.Y. Strauss, highlights increased security, universal access, and enhanced productivity with iManage.

One on One

Billie Jo Brooks, Chief Administrative Officer at Williams Mullen explains the critical role of support in the decision to move to the iManage Cloud.

Cloud benefits realized

iManage customers share insights into their primary motivations for moving to iManage Cloud, and the benefits realized by their firms.

Bond, Schoeneck & King

Data security, responsiveness, and ease of client file access were some of the outcomes achieved by implementing a new DMS.

Service first

Learn how a law firm's timely migration to iManage Work 10 in the Cloud ensured that clients received legal assistance when disaster struck.

Klinedinst Attorneys

Learn how migrating to a secure, reliable cloud solution enabled the law firm to ensure that their document management strategy was future-ready.

Cole, Scott & Kissane

Leading defense firm pulled out all the stops to give employees the best possible document management experience.

Thirsk Winton

Growing law firm empowers lawyers to be more productive and efficient while improving their security posture with iManage Work 10 in the Cloud.

Taylor Wessing

Met client expectations for a tech-forward process and produced the closing books in seconds, transforming the closing experience.


Achieved greater mobility and agility, maintained governance; better organization, advanced collaboration, and integrated email management.

Ferrier Hodgson

Moved to iManage Work 10, digitized its records with iManage Records Manager, and boosted cybersecurity with iManage Threat Manager.

Customer webinars

Customers share their unique experiences in webcasts with iManage.

Webber Wentzel: making knowledge work harder

Warren Hero, CIO, tells how Webber Wentzel reduced a 7-month process to just 3 weeks by enabling users to be more productive using Work 10 in the Cloud.

McDonald's “Special Sauce” for Legal Ops Strategy and Transformation

Curtis Batterton, Legal Operations & Global Technology Manager, tells how McDonald's delivered better performance, better searching, filing, and easier interaction with documents to its users with iManage.