Professional Services

Let us help you discover opportunities for optimization by aligning your strategic initiatives to our best practices and user enablement.

Ensuring your operational and business success

Our services team is your concierge that guides you along your iManage journey. We collaboratively engage your executive and technical teams through a series of prescriptive and proactive activities, so you can strategically plan and optimize for continued performance and growth.

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Our robust team of certified professional service team members are dedicated to understanding your business and technical challenges, risks, and needs specific to your industry. They are your advocate within the iManage organization across our support, engineering, and product management teams.

Professional services

Looking for support implementing and customizing iManage solutions? Let us help you to succeed on your journey. Our Professional Services team has expertise in many industries and can help you develop strategies for achieving high satisfaction and adoption.

Whether it be minor modifications to your existing solutions, or launching a global enterprise-wide solution, we have an engagement approach that will work for you.

Special services

Our certified specialists engage your organization through a series of prescriptive and proactive activities to ensure you realize the greatest possible return on investment from your iManage solutions. 

We work collaboratively with your executive and technical teams to provide:

  • A single point of contact who understands your business and technical challenges, risks, and needs.
  • Oversight of iManage product implementations.
  • Optimization of your solutions through configuration management and adoption monitoring.
  • Assistance with issue management and planning to minimize future issues
  • Advocacy across the entire iManage organization.

Educational services

iManage offers a range of training and user adoption options including eLearning, instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training that help technical and non-technical audiences adopt our technology. Our certified instructors provide customized training to help ensure that your workforce and IT personnel have the knowledge to make your rollout successful.

Whether you take instructor led, or a self-guided training, you can be sure you'll have the resources you need to maximize your iManage solutions. 

User adoption

Our specialized training team provides you with the resources you need to ensure your users fully adopt our solutions. We have a spectrum of user education tools at your disposal from our public content, all the way through full user adoption specialist education — including technical training certification programs.

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