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Next Page is comprised of a small dedicated group of very highly motivated, resourceful, experienced professionals and consultants who provide the best, secure, fast and reliable document and content management solutions for our clients. It is our belief that good communication is the key to great collaboration between Next Page and you, and our success is based on the premise that the customer must be satisfied. Our customers get increased value for their investments in their products, particularly iManage – a task made possible through our 20+ years of expertise in this field. Your business is about getting users out doing the job you hired them for, not getting bogged down in the internal information trap. The rapidly changing technology landscape means users demand new abilities to make their life easier so that they can focus on delivering great service to their clients. We specialise in iManage Work solutions and services, in the Cloud or on-premise, and we provide design, implementation, migration and support services to businesses who wish to leverage iManage’s next generation technology to manage and control their data. iManage lives fully in your world acting as the central productivity hub, integrated with the systems and processes that are essential to professional work.

iManage Products Implemented

  • Work
  • Security Policy Manager
  • Records Manager
  • Drive
  • Threat Manager
  • Mobility
  • Cloud implementations

Service Regions

  • Asia Pacific and Japan

Communication Languages

  • English

Industry Focus

  • Accounting
  • Corporate Legal
  • Financial Services
  • Law Firms
  • Other Industries

Customers Implemented

Third Party Products Implemented

  • Blue Car Technologies Limited - DocuSign DTM Connector for iManage Work
  • Foxit Software Incorporated - Foxit PDF Editor
  • Litera - Metadact
  • Litera - compareDocs
  • Litera - cleanDocs
  • Litera - pdfDocs
  • Litera - contentCrawler
  • Litera - Prosperoware Cloud Migrator
  • RBRO Solutions Inc. - EasyImport
  • RBRO Solutions Inc. - Access Management
  • RBRO Solutions Inc. - EasyID
  • RBRO Solutions Inc. - EasyExport
  • RBRO Solutions Inc. - FileManager
  • RBRO Solutions Inc. - Workspace Management
  • RBRO Solutions Inc. - Administrative Transport
  • RBRO Solutions Inc. - NRLIntercept
  • RBRO Solutions Inc. - Link2DMS - Intercept
  • RBRO Solutions Inc. - Transport - Auxiliary Cache
  • RBRO Solutions Inc. - RBRO Migrate
  • Sysero Limited - UC Export Folders
  • Sysero Limited - UC Importer Service
  • Xakia Technologies - Xakia

Partner contact information

Next Page Limited

Jan Battaerd

Tel: 6421723003

Office Locations

65, Landmark Terrace, Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand