IRIS Nederland


We enable professionals to work more efficient, smarter and safer every day. This means that we help our customers to manage the ever-growing amount of documents, emails, data and information. The combination of our specialist knowledge, years of experience and the ability to deliver innovative technology makes us the partner for organizations that want to streamline their workforce. We deliver what we promise. We’re committed to provide exceptional quality, service and value to our customers and enable them to stay competitive today’s digital era.

iManage Products Implemented

  • Work
  • Security Policy Manager
  • Records Manager
  • Conflicts Manager
  • Drive
  • Threat Manager
  • Business Intake Manager
  • Closing Folders
  • Insight
  • Extract
  • Tracker
  • Mobility
  • Cloud implementations

Service Regions

  • EMEA - UK/Ireland
  • EMEA - Nordics
  • EMEA - Benelux
  • EMEA - Middle East
  • Europe and The Middle East and Africa

Communication Languages

  • English
  • German

Industry Focus

  • Corporate Legal
  • Financial Services
  • Law Firms
  • Other Industries

Third Party Products Implemented

  • IRIS Nederland - IRIS Advanced Office Integration for iManage Work
  • IRIS Nederland - IRIS Exporter for iManage Work
  • IRIS Nederland - IRIS PDF Reconcile for iManage Work
  • IRIS Nederland - IRIS PMS and ERP connector for iManage Work
  • IRIS Nederland - IRIS Scan2DMS for iManage Work
  • IRIS Nederland - IRIS Security Console for iManage Work
  • Litera - Prosperoware CAM
  • Litera - Prosperoware Cloud Migrator

Partner contact information

IRIS Nederland

Jules Kozak

Tel: 31434086600

Office Locations

L’Ambassadeur, Business Park Stein 108, Elsloo, Limburg, The Netherlands