Business Network Solutions


Our Vision : We are Total Trusted Advisors, biased only to our clients, prospects and our fellow employees, geared for the betterment in all their professional endeavors. Our Mission : For an entire information environment for our clients, prospects and fellow employees, we make it our mission to: 1. Teach the importance of processes and workflow of all information and documents 2. Inform the stakeholders of all possible avenues of increasing efficiencies and reducing redundancies. 3. Partner the stakeholders as a trusted advisor on all possible scenarios of enhanced savings and/or reduced wastage 4. Cost-recover all possible revenue and profit leakages 5. remote performance, efficiencies and competitiveness of our stakeholders for their market, with our suite of solutions

iManage Products Implemented

  • Security Policy Manager
  • Drive
  • Threat Manager
  • Insight
  • Extract
  • Tracker
  • Mobility
  • Cloud implementations

Service Regions

  • Asia Pacific and Japan

Communication Languages

  • English

Industry Focus

  • Corporate Legal
  • Law Firms
  • Other Industries

Customers Implemented

Third Party Products Implemented

  • nQ Zebraworks - ScanQ
  • DocAuto
  • Inc. - WorkSpace Manager for WorkSite

Partner contact information

Business Network Solutions

Nicholas Foo

Tel: 60193106793

Office Locations

50L-3, Kelana Mall, Jalan SS 6/15, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia