Oyster IMS Ireland


We are Oyster IMS, a consultancy-led information management and information governance business delivering expert advice, working with best-of-breed software products and offering on-going and enduring services to public, private and third sector organisations. We help you to create, capture, store, manage, share and preserve your information and data in a secure, compliant and cost-effective fashion. We offer everything from one-off point solutions to solve a particular problem to a full multi-year end-to-end managed service.

iManage Products Implemented

  • Work
  • Records Manager
  • Drive
  • Cloud implementations

Service Regions

  • EMEA - UK/Ireland
  • Europe and The Middle East and Africa

Communication Languages

  • English

Industry Focus

  • Accounting
  • Corporate Legal
  • Financial Services
  • Law Firms
  • Real Estate

Customers Implemented

Third Party Products Implemented

  • Litera - compareDocs
  • Litera - pdfDocs
  • Outback Imaging USA LLC - EzeScan PRO Workstation for iManage
  • Litera - Prosperoware Cloud Migrator

Partner contact information

Oyster IMS Ireland

Sales and Marketing


Tel: 2071990620

Office Locations

Carrick House, 49 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland