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We're committed to supporting you on every stage of your knowledge work journey. Our rich and diverse community of users, partners, and experts are here to help you realize your ambitions and potential. 

Maintain your competitive edge 

We know that change can be hard, but we also know it is essential to business and personal growth. At iManage we are committed to supporting you on your knowledge work journey and ensuring you and your team continue to achieve your full potential. 

Our community is designed to provide you with the confidence you need to innovate securely and with confidence.

Your journey 

Whatever stage you are at in your journey we believe that when you can share guidance and lessons learned in a trusted community, outcomes are enhanced. Our community forum creates a collective space where you can partake in conversations and share knowledge with your colleagues and peers. iManage experts and partners will also be available to answer queries and guide you every step of the way.

After all, knowledge shared is knowledge gained. 

Stay competitive 

Take advantage of extensive industry-recognized experience from certified professionals across the iManage Community to initiate the changes you would like to achieve in your organization. 

Raise your brand 

Showcase your experiences and best practices with iManage Community, and gain badges and certifications to elevate yourself or your firm as a thought leader. 

Gain a clear path forward 

Different roles need different information to achieve success with their iManage products. Connect with peers to share knowledge and gain the edge you need for your individual success. 

iManage Help Center

We deliver just-in-time responsive help and the in-depth product knowledge you need through our global support team and iManage Help Center. Our iManage Help Center includes product learning materials and knowledge base articles, product release announcements and downloads, and iManage Community discussion forums.

Navigate your journey 

Watch this video to learn more about how we help guide you along your iManage Journey.

We will also match you with a partner with expert knowledge to solve specific queries.

Resources for every requirement 

To support you at every step of your journey we've collated a wealth of resources to ensure you have everything you need to edge ahead of the competition. 

  • Latest product announcements
  • Access product documentation
  • Download installers
  • Find support solutions
  • Learn from informative podcasts and YouTube videos
  • Interact with the iManage Community

Community benefits 

Drive higher adoption and user satisfaction by connecting with others to learn how to remove friction from workflows and increase productivity.

Watch our video to learn how to access, and benefit from, the extensive iManage Community. 

Increase your knowledge

If you have a question or concern, we've got you covered — check out our comprehensive FAQs below. 


iManage Support FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about accessing the iManage Help Center and contacting and working with iManage Support.

iManage Cloud Support FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about contacting and working with iManage Support for iManage Cloud and accessing the iManage Help Center.